Classifying Electronic Word of Mouth and Competitive Position in Online Game Industry

  • Bram Manuel Telkom University
  • Dodie Tricahyono Telkom University
Keywords: Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis, Competitive Comparison, Electronic Word-of-Mouth, Online Game


The number of online review in online game industry growing significantly along with growing rate
of internet adoption. With abundant number of data, one can acquire limitless insight, for example,
information regarding of electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM) whom greatly affecting consumer
behavior and business performance. Knowledge of e-WOM can be used as competitive intelligence
to deal with industrial competition. Therefore, this research answers how to classify e-WOM, what
are e-WOM aspects emerge in MMOFPS game, and how does comparison of e-WOM positivity
between the three MMOFPS Game used as research objects. Dataset are constructed from Review
page of Steam website for respective games with total 499 reviews used as sample data. Then the
analysis conducted using Orange and Indico API as tools. Therefore, we found several noun words
frequently used as opinion target and we also found out that in aspect-level comparison, Game 2
gain the highest e-WOM positivity value in community aspect and Game 1 gain the highest e-WOM
positivity value in general aspect. Thus, each respective game developer can manage to further
develop their strategies from the information of their competitive position in the industry