Designing Interface of Mobile Parental Information System based on Users’ Perception Using Kansei Engingeering

  • Ana Hadiana P2I - LIPI


Users’ psychological emotion plays important role in designing an interface of software including application of information system. This research attempted to implement Kansei Engineering Type I (KEPack) as a method to analyze kinds of emotional factor related to user interface for mobile Parental Information System. This research used Kansei Words to explore users’ requirements based on psychological factors. Eighteen words were used for Kansei Words that have relationship with Parental Information System. Ten samples of mobile information system were selected as specimens considered suitable for designing interface of Parental Information System. Data questionnaires collected from thirty respondents were processed using multivariate statistical analysis such as Factor Analysis (FA) and Partial Least Square (PLS). This research found that the two important emotional factors i.e funny and informative have to be considered for designing user interface for mobile Parental Information System.