Mapping Organization Knowledge Network and Social Media Based Reputation Management

  • Andry Alamsyah Telkom University
  • Maribella Syawiluna
Keywords: Knowledge Network, Social Network Analysis, Knowledge Management, Personal Knowledge Network, Personal Reputation, Social Media


Knowledge management are important aspects in an organization, especially in ICT industry. Having more control of it is essentials for the organization to stay competitive in the business. One way to assess the organization knowledge capital is by measuring employee knowledge network and their personal reputation in social media. Using this measurement, we see how employee build relationship around their peer networks or clients virtually. We also able to see how knowledge network support organization performance. 

The research objective is to map knowledge network and reputation formulation in order to fully understand how knowledge flow and whether employee reputation have higher degree of influence in organization knowledge network. We particularly develop formulas to measure knowledge network and personal reputation based on their social media activities. As case study, we pick an Indonesian ICT company which actively build their business around their employee peer knowledge outside the company.

For knowledge network, we perform data collection by conducting interviews. For reputation management, we collect data from several popular social media. We base our work on Social Network Analysis (SNA) methodology. The result shows that employees knowledge is directly proportional with their reputation, but there are different reputations level on different social media observed in this research.